Welcome to our Eductional page! 


Read below to stay informed on how to keep your pet safe year round:


Spring Safety:

Flowers are in full bloom! Don't forget, LILIES are poisonous to cats! Please watch this educational video here to learn more. 

Ticks and Heartworm Disease are of major concern, please keep your pets protected by using, Frontline Plus, Heartgard PlusNexGard, and Vectra-3D throughout the tick and mosquito season.


Summer Safety: 

Temperatures rise quickly and can cause heatstroke and death in minutes, so please never leave alone in the car. Learn all about the dangers of hot vehicles here.

Fireworks and thunderstorms can cause severe anxiety for some pets. Please ask us how we can help ease and manage your pet's fears during these scary times. 

Blue-green Algae is a toxic microscopic bacteria found in freshwater. Please make yourself aware of the risk of exposure, especially if you have a dog that likes to swim! 


Fall Safety:

Every season brings potential toxic exposures, read the list of fall poisons here.

Please be aware that some pets may be scared during the Halloween festivities. Make sure if you have an anxious pet that they are safely secured within your home during "Trick-or-Treating." Also, be sure to keep the candy out of reach. Read here for more safety tips and ideas.

While Thanksgiving is a holiday known for indulging in delicious foods, it is important to remember not to feed our pets table scraps. For more information on Thanksgiving pet safety, click here.


Winter Safety:

With the hustle and bustle of the winter months, there are many hidden toxin exposures that the holiday season brings about! Please keep your pets safe during the winter and holiday seasons by reviewing these helpful tips here.



Pet Insurance Information:

Owning a pet is exciting and joyful, but along with all the fun comes the financial resposibility of keeping them healthy.

Office visits, vaccines, screening laboratory procedures, surgeries, emergencies and medical problems are all excellent reasons to consider pet insurance. Many different companies offer coverage, researching and comparing policies to find the right fit is a great way to help keep your pet healthy and your check book happy. 

For a non-comprehensive review of plans, and to visit direct websites, please visit Consumers Advocate for more information.

*Please understand, Blue Cross Animal Hospital does not promote or research any of these companies, rather we strive to provide the best possible opportunities to care for your pet. 

Lastly, consider self-insuring your pet by starting a pet savings account. Insurance policies can be restrictive, but with a private savings account your saved finances can be used any treatment at any time.